Long-Term Care: What You Need to Know

graphic of a maze with a road sign that reads "long term care"

The pandemic has prompted many Americans to take a different look at long-term care. Who Knew? For me, one of the most devastating aspects of COVID-19 was those early months when we continuously heard the increasing number of residents in long-term care facilities becoming severely infected, and on too many occasions losing their lives. The […]

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President Biden Proposes Tax Plan: Hurry Up and Wait

photo of us capitol building

There are always proposals to change the tax code with a new presidential administration to push initiatives and programs through tax incentives. President Joe Biden’s administration is no different; while his term is at its infancy, we are starting to get a picture of some upcoming legislation that will impact taxpayers, especially those making over […]

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University Benefits: Knowing and Making the Right Choices

graphic of man facing a gigantic blackboard with an equation for story about university benefits

As a university professor or professional, you receive many benefits. Not surprisingly, some of our clients were not aware of them all. Are you? To maximize these benefits requires some familiarity not only with them, but also the stipulations around them. We have highlighted some of these benefits and rules surrounding them below. Tax Management […]

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Retiring and Signing Up for Medicare? Consider a Premium Challenge

graphic about medicare challenge

Are you retiring and signing up for Medicare?  A Premium Challenge may be just what the “doctor” ordered for your finances. If you are in this situation, you are probably being bombarded with “information” on Medigap policies and Advantage plans (often referred to as Medicare Part C, however it is provided through insurers).  Of course, […]

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