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October 15, 2020 by

Briaud Financial Advisors

Did you know Oct. 7 was World Financial Planning Day? Well, don’t feel bad if you missed it; we kind of did as well. But, we are making up for it with this article. 

We usually use this space to inform you on topics that touch your personal finances and hopefully give you some insightful or actionable steps you can take to improve your financial standing. This one might be a little more self-congratulatory, but it is really about what makes Briaud Financial Advisors special: Our people. 

Briaud Financial Planning Day

But first, let us start with a little background on World Financial Planning Day. The Financial Planning and Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) designated Oct. 7 as World Financial Planning Day to raise public awareness of the value of financial planning. 

“As we continue to deal with a global pandemic, more people are feeling life and financial stress, looking to an uncertain future while dealing with a volatile present. This year, it is more important than ever to raise awareness of how financial planning can help people prioritize and address short-term needs, framing those actions in the context of longer-term goals. Recognizing that the pandemic requires near-term adjustments which might overshadow long-term plans, our global campaign theme – Live Your Today. Plan Your Tomorrow – demonstrates how financial planning can help us make financial decisions that keep us on track for the future we envision.”

— Noel Maye, CEO of FPSB

You can check out the full press release here.

The thing that sticks out most from Maye’s quote is his comment about “how financial planning can help people.” And that is what brings us to our people at Briaud.

Our People

Our people come from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. One thing they all have in common is a passion for helping people, and they feel grateful their jobs allow them to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Janet Briaud, CFP®

Janet founded Briaud Financial Advisors in 1986 with the foundational principle that clients always come first. She took a chance when she started her business as a fee-only firm. She had seen firsthand the conflicts that arise out of the commission-based model. She knew this was the only way to truly put her client’s needs first and do the very best she could to help them. Janet still sees clients and chairs the investment committee. More importantly, she is still passionate about doing everything she can to help our clients “focus on the better things in life and worry less about money.”

Natalie Pine, CFP®

What you might not see in Natalie’s bio is the look on her face when she gets a new idea, a better way to optimize client wealth. Natalie is a problem-solver who loves to tackle the hardest financial questions you can throw at her. She specializes in designing retirement plans for business owners to reduce taxes, evaluating corporate structures, intergenerational wealth transfer, Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) distributions, and truly anything that most people would find daunting. She thrives on solving the insolvable problems for Briaud’s clients. 

Peggy Sherman, CFP®

While working for a CPA firm, Peggy became frustrated with dealing with the financial mistakes her clients made after the fact. She entered the world of financial advising because she was passionate about helping clients make wise money decisions on the front end. Peggy loves to research and find answers to client questions. She is incredibly empathetic, and she is a great listener. She works tirelessly to ensure wealth is protected through insurance, tax, and Social Security strategies. Peggy has specific expertise in Social Security and Medicare issues, as well as tax optimization strategies.

Adam Burch, CFP®

Adam discovered that he had a passion for personal finance while in a previous job. He was able to combine his newfound passion with his lifelong passion for serving others. Adam is a doer. He serves others by getting the job done and making their lives less complicated. He specializes in budgeting and creating order out of chaos. 

Bret Mulvaney, CFP®

Bret loves the feeling of being connected to clients. Bret realized he wanted to be in financial services, but the idea of selling products to people was a bit demoralizing to him. He discovered fee-only financial advising and met Janet at a conference. In his role as a financial planner, he can make deeper connections to clients because he isn’t selling them anything. Instead, he is partnering with them to ensure their financial success. Bret specializes in navigating university benefits and retirement plans.

Matt McKay, CFP®

Matt knew that he wanted a job in a field that helped people. He also recognized that he was analytical and good with numbers. He was able to combine those two passions in fee-only financial advising.  While Matt is not as involved with individual clients on a daily basis, as are others in the firm are, his work touches every one of our clients. He is driven by the fact that the decisions that he helps clients with today ensure they are successful tomorrow. 

How may we help you?

We hope this glimpse into some of the people on staff gives you a better understanding of our passion for helping our clients and the impact a financial planner who truly cares for their clients can make. We would like to get to know you better and learn the ways we might be able to partner together to help you reach your financial goals. Give us a call at 979-229-8680 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.


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