Our Story

We are a financial services company made up of people like you – people who have put their savings and trust in the hands of advisors with the hope that they and their families would have a brighter future.

At Briaud Financial Advisors, we are dedicated to our clients, and we do everything we can to help them in their financial life. In part, this dedication comes from Janet Briaud's personal experience and harkens back to the reason she became involved in the financial advisory industry in the first place. Janet emigrated from Canada, moving to Texas in the late 70s with her husband, a civil engineering professor. Planning to start a family and wanting to secure her children's future, Janet, a physical education teacher at the time, engaged a well-known commission-based investment broker to manage her modest savings.

The broker, well meaning though he may have been, invested her money following the pattern so common in commission-based financial service firms. He invested much of Janet's money in a high cost mutual fund that guaranteed him a generous commission regardless of how well the investment performed. The fund lost money, and between the advisor's commission and the poor performance of the fund, Janet lost half of her initial investment.

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Our Team

Advisory Team

Natalie Pine, CFP®

Managing Partner / Advisor

Peggy Sherman, CFP®


Michelle Holmes, CFA, CFP®

Sr. Financial Planner

Andrea Billquist, CFP®

Sr. Financial Planner

Sachin Sawant, CFP®

Financial Planner

Julia Page

Associate Financial Planner

Business Operations

Ashley Fillippa

Office Manager

Claire Smith

Client Coordinator

Paul Wiggins

IT Manager