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Ever since its founding in 1986, Briaud Financial Advisors has focused on educating families to help them make informed investment and retirement choices. Because of this philosophy, journalists and podcasters often seek comments from Briaud’s teams, including The New York Times, CNBC and Kiplinger.

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Here’s where stock investors should consider putting their money in 2022

Investment Analyst Matt McKay talks about how the environment calls for being a bit cautious, but there are still some opportunities in this piece from CNBC.


What Happens to Social Security When You Die?

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman speaks about what happens with Social Security benefits that are paid after a person dies in this Yahoo!Finance piece.


A financial check-up today could help your retired self in the future

Investment Analyst Matt McKay talks about assessing where one is at and how many years are left to work in this MarketWatch article.


The Services Wealthy Clients Value the Most

Investment Analyst Matt McKay shares insights about the services Briaud’s clients request and value in this piece from


Why Bonds Have Trounced Stocks Since March [2021]

Briaud Financial Advisors founder Janet Briaud is mentioned in this piece.


How to Prepare Financially for the Death of a Spouse

Managing Partner Natalie Pine discusses what can happen if the surviving spouse were to receive too much money upon the death of a loved one.


Here’s how to handle the complicated rules for an inherited 401(k) or IRA

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman talks about changes in withdrawing funds from an inherited 401(k) or IRA in this CNBC article.


Claiming Social Security early can impact your spousal benefits. Here’s how

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman shares insights on claiming spousal benefits and the impact it will have if you claim early in this CNBC article.


The 10-Year Treasury Yield Just Hit Its Highest Level in More Than a Year

Matthew McKay, an investment analyst with Briaud, talks about the bond market and inflation in this article.


Ask Bob: Can I Transfer Money from My IRA to a Roth IRA?

Managing Partner Natalie Pine weighs in on whether a person can take money out of an IRA to fund a Roth IRA. (Requires a subscription.)


Claiming Social Security early? Here’s how spousal benefits come into play

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman discusses Social Security’s spousal benefits in this CNBC article.


Local financial experts explain GameStop stock market situation, best investment strategies

Investment Analyst Matthew McKay shares insights into the rapid rise of GameStop’s stock.


Here’s what happens with Social Security payments when someone dies

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman discusses Social Security benefits in this CNBC article.

CD Rates are Low. Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Them

Managing Partner Natalie Pine shares thoughts on investing in CDs in this Bankrate article.


Teaching Kids Good Money Habits

Managing Partner Natalie Pine shares insights into teaching children the right “money message”.


The difference between a Roth 401(k) and a traditional 401(k), and how to decide which retirement plan is right for you

Managing Partner Natalie Pine speaks about when a Roth IRA makes sense.


This Bond Market Indicator Suggests Inflation Could Be Coming. Here’s How to Protect Your Investments

Matthew McKay, an Investment Analyst at Briaud, talks about how to guard against inflation.


It’s not too late to start saving for retirement

Founder and Chief Investment Officer Janet Briaud talks about how spending impacts retirement.


Roth Conversions A-Go-Go In 2020

Read about why 2020 is a good year for Roth conversions.


Should I still use the 60/40 investing rule for retirement?

Investment Analyst Matthew McKay shares insights in this MarketWatch article.


Briaud Financial Advisors named one of’s Top Financial Advisor Firms in Texas

see our rating and learn more about’s Trust Algorithm here.


Is It Possible to Put a Pre-CARES Act 2020 RMD Back into a Retirement Account?

Managing Partner Natalie Pine is featured in’s Ask Bob column.


Should Parents Pay for Their Children’s College Education?

Managing Partner Natalie Pine offers an alternative to paying for a child’s tuition in this article.


How to Get Your Portfolio Off to a Good Start in 2020

Founder Janet Briaud shares some ideas in this US News & World Report piece.

Where Experts Think You Should Invest Your Money in 2020

Founder Janet Briaud is featured in this piece that appears in Yahoo!Finance.

This account might cause snags when you claim Social Security

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman talks about HSAs in this CNBC piece.

How to Downsize Your Required Minimum Distributions

Read about a strategy a son used to help his father minimize the tax liability of his RMD in this Kiplinger article.

How to Invest: A Guide for Novice Investors

Managing Partner Natalie Pine is featured in LendingTree’s Magnify Money blog.

How gold could replace bonds as a portfolio diversifier

Founder Janet Briaud speaks to Investment News.

Girl Scouts recognize community members’ service

and Briaud’s Natalie Pine is tapped as a 2019 Women of Distinction Rising Star in this piece from The Eagle.

Here’s when unpaid debt can reduce your Social Security payments

Lead Advisor Peggy Sherman discusses how creditors might be able to tap into your Social Security benefits in this CNBC story.

Advisers say go for the gold as the perfect hedge for trade-war fears

Founder and Chief Investment Officer Janet Briaud weighs in on the issue in this piece from Investment News.

Advisers scramble to help retirees navigate looming Fed rate cut

Managing Partner Natalie Pine shares some insights in Investment News.

Do the math before you pick the expensive school zone

When taking a holistic approach to your financial future, school can be a major factor. Briaud Financial Advisors is featured in this Reuters story.

Here’s what part-time work means for retirees’ portfolios, Social Security and Medicare


NAPFA Names 2019 Award Recipients

Financial Advisor

Debt, Bankruptcy and Student Loans

Listen to Natalie Pine speak about “Debt, Bankruptcy and Student Loans” (she starts around the 30-minute mark)

Financial advisors are more stressed out than their clients, study finds,


Near retirement and have a health savings account? Beware of snags when claiming Social Security


With planning down pat, (Registered Investment Advisors) learn their Ps and Qs,

Financial Planning

Shale oil boom sends investors back to risky MLPs for high income in time of low yields


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