Our Services

We each have different needs, and those needs even change as we confront different stages of life. A true partner knows you well enough to be able to help with all decisions, big and small.

  • Family Office

    Financial advice is only half of the equation. Getting it done is important too. Our family office staff can help you navigate an increasingly complicated world. We can help you optimize your time and energy, so finances are one less thing to think about.

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  • Financial Planning

    To us, a perfect plan is one that is elegant and achievable. We understand that goals and external circumstances evolve over time, so planning must be tailored and flexible to be effective.

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  • Investment Management

    Investing is not likely to get easier in the future. Public markets are more volatile then ever. Private markets have opportunities but are difficult for the average investor to navigate. Our investment staff can help.

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  • Trust Services

    Briaud Trust Services, chartered in all 50 states, allows you to craft a specialized plan for your assets, your family, and your charitable intent.  Access all of the capabilities of a big bank’s trust department, with the individualized service of a smaller, independent firm.

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Who We Work For

University Professors and Administrators

Our business grew up in a college town, and through the years we have built up a national reputation for our work in academia. University retirement plans are unique, and university employees are unique too. Many people don’t realize the types of income streams available to professors, from grants and book royalties, to consulting and expert witness work. All of these moving parts give us a lot of unique financial planning opportunities. We help academics focus on their true passions by taking over the day-to-day maintenance of financial matters.

Medical Professionals

Contrary to what a lot of people think, medical professionals do not have it easy. The workload can often be punishing, and for those in private practice, the pressures of running a complicated business can add even more stress. Medical professionals are also frequent targets of salesmen and schemers, making it difficult to know whom to trust. We offer an alternative path, with a fully comprehensive suite of services, free of any sales. By standing side by side with medical professionals as their trusted partner, we can help them start to enjoy their hard-earned wealth.


Annual Retainer

We charge on a retainer basis as a percentage of assets under management. Our annual advisory fee shall be prorated and paid quarterly, in arrears, based upon the market value of the assets we have under our management on the last day of the quarter. Our fees are calculated based on a tiered structure.

  • 1.00%

    on the first
    — or —
    a minimum fee of

  • 0.75%

    on assets over

  • 0.5%

    on assets over