Trust Services

Unique family or estate circumstances can call for trusts or other legal structures. In some cases, families with inter-generational wealth have asked us to continue to serve them on a permanent basis as a trustee. To meet this need, Briaud has partnered with National Advisors Trust Company.

National Advisors Trust, which is chartered to operate in all 50 states, can act as a corporate trustee. Additionally, since the family relationship stays within Briaud, we can offer a more personalized service than would a more institutional provider like a bank.

Just like our investment management services for individuals and families, our investment services for trusts are free of commission conflicts. We also have the capability to hold “alternative” investments within trusts.

For those seeking more advanced trust services, we are chartered to manage South Dakota trusts, which offer some unique features including:

  • No “rule against perpetuities” – Trusts can have an infinite lifespan
  • Statutory protections for self-settled trusts
  • No state income tax
  • Well-defined decanting/reform statutes
  • Statutory privacy provisions for trusts

National Advisors Trust Company was established, and is jointly owned, by a group of over 120 independent financial advisors. Briaud was a founding member of this consortium.