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Navigating the Path for Families with Special Needs

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Navigating the Path for Families with Special Needs

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Recording Available Now

As we approach the culmination of our webinar series, we extend a heartfelt invitation to a session addressing a profoundly significant subject: financial planning tailored for families with special needs considerations. Our goal is to provide insights that directly tackle the intricate challenges of this unique journey. If this topic doesn't directly resonate with you, it's likely you know someone who would benefit—kindly share this message to extend our support to others in this often isolated community.

Our pre-recorded webinar is thoughtfully crafted to be a guiding light through this intricate landscape of financial planning, ensuring a secure future for your loved ones.

Central to this conversation is Natalie Pine, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Managing Partner at Briaud Financial Advisors. Natalie's guidance is informed by both her professional insight and her personal journey as a special needs mother, bringing a harmonious blend of expertise and empathy.

During this concise 30-minute pre-recorded session, we'll delve into the specifics of financial planning for special needs. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Social Security considerations adapt when planning for individuals with special needs, allowing you to optimize benefits while ensuring financial security.

Explore the intricate world of Medicare and Medicaid planning for families like yours. This session will illuminate key considerations, uncovering the ins and outs to provide a clear perspective. Discover state-specific programs meticulously designed to offer essential support to families with special needs, providing access to localized resources that can significantly enhance your loved ones' quality of life. Lastly, delve into the critical realm of estate planning, intricately tailored to individuals with special needs beneficiaries. Uncover strategies that provide a solid foundation of future security and overall well-being.

We invite you to seize this opportunity, engaging in a compassionate yet practical exploration of financial planning. This final webinar encapsulates our unwavering commitment to empowering university professionals with insights that are both industry-specific and finely attuned to unique needs—insights often overlooked by traditional financial planners.

If you've followed our earlier webinars, you've witnessed our commitment to providing specialized retirement knowledge for university professionals like you. Missed a session? Their recordings hold a treasure trove of valuable insights waiting to be explored.

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2. From Savings to Withdrawals: How Do I Transition When I Retire?
3. Managing Taxes Pre- and Post-Retirement: Strategies That Pave the Way for Reduced Taxes, Now and in the Future
4. Transferring Wealth: Opportunities & Pitfalls
5. Overlooked Considerations When Investing For Retirement: Asset Location, Income Generation, and Timing of Risk

Topics of this webinar

  • Navigating Social Security
  • Navigating Medicare & Medicaid
  • Navigating Other Programs by State
  • Estate Planning Considerations for Special Needs

*Participation in this webinar is completely anonymous; no other participants will see names or other identifying information. Information submitted is captured and retained only by/for Briaud's use in contacting those interested in information; we never disclose, sell, or share information.