Jordan Johnson

Associate Financial Planner

Jordan joined Briaud Financial Advisors as a Financial Planning Intern while she was completing her Bachelor of Science in Business with minors in Psychology and Financial Planning from Texas A&M University. The internship reinforced her decision about her chosen field, not to mention provided an opportunity to see the real-world application of her education. She graduated cum laude from Texas A&M in May 2019 and happily joined the Briaud team full-time as a Financial Planning Associate.

Before joining Briaud Financial Advisors, Jordan held positions in accounting and customer service fields. These positions allowed her to develop her natural abilities in analytics, attention to detail, and caring for others. Jordan also held an officer position in an on-campus student organization where she learned about professionalism, leadership, and selfless service.

Outside the office, Jordan enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and crocheting.