Roger Pine, CFA, CFP®


Roger joined Briaud in 2008 after a career in the energy business. That job took him all over the world, but he was ready to find work that kept him closer to home and allowed him to help people a little more.

Roger grew up just outside of Washington D.C. in the Maryland suburbs. He moved to Texas to attend Rice University, where he majored in electrical engineering.  He first learned about the world of finance during a summer job with a Lloyd’s of London underwriter.  That experience brought him out of the engineering lab and into the world of business and finance, where he has been ever since.  (Although you might find him tinkering with computers on evenings and weekends.  Old habits die hard.)

Outside of Briaud, he is very active in the local musical theatre scene, where he is a frequent performer.  When he can find a free weekend, he also enjoys running marathons. He is halfway done with a quest to run a marathon in each of the 50 states.  Roger recently finished up a stint on the board of directors for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and he co-hosts a podcast aimed at other financial planning professionals.